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Cub Scouts

Advancement and Parent Involvement
Just a reminder, that parents are responsible for signing requirements in the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Books. Den Leaders approve requirements in the Webelos book.  Our den leaders are merely facilitators of the den program.  For your son to advance, he will need to work with a parent at home.  Most of your questions about Cub Scouting are answered in your son’s Cub Scout handbook.  

Den Rules of Conduct
Parents, please help support our den leaders by counseling your children on appropriate behavior in their den.  Ultimately, the Den Leader is responsible for the control and discipline during the Den Meetings. If you are in the den meeting, please ask the Den Leader for ways to help, and please respect the efforts of the leader and the boys by not disrupting the meetings with background conversations.  Child care is available for Leaders and Parent Helpers in support of the “no siblings in the meeting” policy.  Please show courtesy to our Den Leaders who volunteer their time to provide the best possible Cub Scouting program for your child.

DO NOT drop your child at the building without coming in and making contact with the Den Leader.  There may be important information you need to know. Or, there might not even be a meeting that night. There have been times when Dens were supposed to meet at a Library or City Hall and parents left their child at Church with no Den.