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Summer Camps

Each summer brings the opportunity to attend a number of summer camps based on the scouts rank (after graduation). Our goal is to have 100% participation for the scouts.

Day/Evening Camp - All Cub Scouts (and often siblings)

Coordinator: Cubmaster

The Boone Trails district offers a number of great day and evening camps throughout the summer. Our Pack selects one or two camps to attend as a group, but you are welcome to select any of the camps. 

These events are coordinated by the Boone Trails District, and will include scouts from throughout the district.

Need to Know:
  • Complete an adventure camp health form for each scout/sibling (includes the normal health form), and a parent health form for each parent attending.
  • Siblings are welcome at the shooting camp (older/younger).
  • Bring a hat, bug spray, a light snack, and a water bottle. 
  • Scouts do not have to wear their uniform.
  • No open toed shoes, pets, tobacco, or alcohol.
  • Parents are encouraged to volunteer to attend for one of the days (we need at least 1 parent for every 8 scouts each day).  We'll setup a schedule for the parents to serve.
  • Camp Manual
If you miss the pack registration date, then you may still register as an individual at the Scout Shop. Or, if you are unable to attend the camps we selected for the pack, there are other district 3-5 day/evening camps and a council day camp available throughout the summer. 

Check out the BSA website and BSA District website for additional details.

STEM Camp - All Cub Scouts

Coordinator: LaDonna Hudson

This twilight camp is full of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs. This is a new camp to the Boone Trails district and the camp director is excited to put on this program for Scouts. It is going to be a lot of fun. They will earn the entire NOVA award. Yes, all the pie pieces. Belt loops they will earn - Astronomy, Computer, Ultimate and the Computer Pin. They will make a mess learning how to make their own volcano. Demo and info with tornadoes, flubber and sludge. They will solve secret codes, and learn a lot about the different areas of STEM. 

        Check out the BSA Stem website for additional details.

Parent & Pal Weekend - All Cub Scouts

Coordinator: Tiger Den Leader

Each summer the cub scouts have the opportunity to attend the Parent & Pal overnight summer camp.  This camp is extremely popular in the Greater Saint Louis Area Council. 

The fee for the weekend covers two meals, overnight accommodations, program, and a souvenir for each person. Dinner Saturday and Sunday breakfast are served in the camp. Tents are pitched by the previous week’s Scouts. Parents provide the leadership and the program is provided by the excellent summer camp staffs. Parent & Pal weekends are held Camp May at Beaumont Scout Reservation.

Highlights of the weekends are archery, BB gun shooting, swimming, games, and nature. 

This is an important step for our boys. Many of them need a parent there with them for their first full night in a tent in the woods. We generally see boys "GROW-UP" overnight through the experience of sleeping in a "Boy Scout Camp Tent" with their parent. If they are encouraged, boys begin to love sleeping in the outdoors and the beautiful natural world God has given us. Many of them go from being "scared of the woods" at night to "sleeping out under the stars" without tents later in their teens as boy scouts.

Need to Know:
  • A Parent is required to attend. Mom or Dad or both parents are allowed to attend the weekend.
  • There will be canvas tents and cots provided, and already setup by the boy scouts. The tents are A-Frame style tents that are not totally sealed (no netting), and are not completely watertight. Some scouts bring along mosquito netting and/or a blue tarp. You are allowed to bring your own tents to setup, but most just use the provided tents, or just camp under the stars. 
  • Complete the BSA health form parts A + B (see quick links). 
  • You cannot drive right-up to the campsites. So, pack light because you'll have to haul all of your gear a 100 yards or more. 
  • Swimming is available as an activity. So, bring your swim trunks and sun screen.
  • Bring bug repellent (non-aerosol recommended). You cannot use the aerosol repellent on or around the canvas tents because it may damage the tent waterproofing.

Check out the BSA website for additional details.

Webelos Mini-Camp - WEBELOS I

Coordinator: WEBELOS Den Leader

This program is for the WEBELOS after graduation from the third grade. This three-day, two-night experience takes place at Camp May at Beaumont Scout Reservation. 

Need to Know:
  • Complete the BSA health form parts A + B (see quick links). 
  • The tents are already setup when the scouts arrive.

Check out the BSA Website for additional details.

Webelos Camp - WEBELOS II

Coordinator: WEBELOS II Den Leader

Every summer, the council conducts one of the finest experiences for WEBELOS graduating from the fourth grade, WEBELOS camp at Camp May at Beaumont Scout Reservation. Scouts can learn to swim or work on advancement requirements in the morning and have a recreational swim in the afternoon. They learn about nature, Scoutcraft skills, shoot BB guns, and participate in archery. 

Need to Know:
    • Complete the BSA health form parts A + B + C (see quick links). Part C requires a doctor's signature. 
    • The scouts setup the tents upon arrival.

Check out the BSA Website for additional details.