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Popcorn Fundraiser

The popcorn fundraiser is the primary way we raise money for the pack. The proceeds from the fundraiser are used to pay for all of the expenses of the pack. So, go out and Do Your Best! By selling popcorn, you'll be raising money for raingutter regatta boats, pinewood derby cars, camping equipment, and much more. And, you can earn great rewards for selling products.

Each Fall (online) popcorn sales for our pack. Make sure to read over all the information, including the last meeting to turn in forms and money. 

The Popcorn Selling Instructions, Popcorn Sale Summary, Popcorn Product Brochure, Take Order Form, Sales Receipts, and Military Receipt Form are available in the Resource Center in the Popcorn folder.

Great News!! There is a New Opportunity in Popcorn Sales! SHOW-N-SELL. What this means is that we actually have the product to sell. We display what we have available and they buy it right there! What does that mean for you? Additional sales $$ going toward your goal. Each scout that participates at a specific site will get an equal percent of the money raised during their sales time. We have several different sites and dates for you to choose from. If you're not a Door-to-Door kind-of person, and even if you are--this is for you! The Show and Sell guidelines are in the Resource Center in the Popcorn folder.

Check out the Greater St. Louis Area Council Popcorn page for more information.

What are the rewards?

Scouts receive rewards (see the prize lists in the Resource Center) based on the amount of popcorn they sell. 

In addition, scouts can earn the following bonus rewards:
  • Sell one item and receive a patch-pin.
  • Sell a minimum of $750 and attend the St. Louis Cardinals Experience.
  • Sell $2,500 in one sale period and receive an additional 7% of sales in a scholarship account created in their name. Scouts can add to their scholarship fund each year they sell popcorn; scouts need only meet the $2,500 minimum once.
In addition, the pack is providing the following bonus rewards to cub scouts who sell at least $180 in products:
  • Tiger Scouts - Red Patch Vest (handmade)
  • Wolf Scouts - Walking Staffs
  • Bear Scouts - Canteen
  • First Year WEBELOS - Mess Kit
  • Second Year WEBELOS - Compass
In addition, scouts can earn free summer camp from council for selling $1,250 (Webelos mini-camp or Adventure camp and Dad & Lad (parent included)) or $2,200 (NYLT, Scout Camp, Venturing Camp, Ranger Program, Webelos Camp, or Horse Camp) in products. 

In addition, scouts can earn credit towards summer camp of vouchers from the unit (see the Sales Share Chart in the resource center). If the scout earns free summer camp from council, then a voucher is issued. Otherwise, the amount is applied toward summer camp. 


How much do I have to sell? 
As much as you can, but we are asking each scout to set a goal of $600, with a minimum goal of $300 in products. If you do not wish to sell popcorn, then there is a $150 buyout option available. 

Note:  Families who choose this option should be aware that to get the Popcorn Patch a scout must sell at least one item of popcorn.
How do I collect the money for the popcorn?
Money must be collected in advance, and turned in with your order form. Have checks made payable to Calvary Church.  When you turn in your order, cash must be converted to a check.  If you collect cash from your customers, then convert the cash to either a personal check or money order.

How can I sell popcorn online?
Online selling is a great way to sell to faraway friends and family. It's easy! Scouts create their own accounts on to sell online. All online sales through the council's sale end date count toward Scout Rewards. No deliveries! The popcorn ships directly to the consumers.

Can I earn free summer camp selling popcorn?
Yes, cub scouts who sell $1,250 in popcorn can earn: Free Webelos mini-camp or Adventure camp and Dad & Lad/Mom & Me weekends (parent included). And, scouts who sell $2,200 in popcorn can earn: Free week at NYLT, Scout Camp, Venturing Camp, Ranger Program, Webelos Camp, or Horse Camp.

When will the popcorn be delivered? 
The popcorn will be available for pickup and delivery on Saturday, November 12th. This is the same day as the Scouting for Food bag drop-off.